The Backball Method by Keith Foster, FLS

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The Backball Method - A Comprehensive Self-Help Guide to Back Pain Relief

In the millions of years which led up to us walking upright as a species, our spine was arched forward and supported both by our arms and legs when we walked much as the apes do now, basically on all fours. In developing The BackBall Method exercises and indeed the whole philosophy behind the use of The BackBall Method Keith Foster has developed the first methodology by which the human spine can strengthen its upright posture.
By enabling the vertebrae to flex open over the fulcrum of the ball, this allows an enormous release of tension enabling you to rebalance your spine and to fully, for a short time, relax the muscles that throughout your life strive to maintain your upright posture.
In these modern under exercised days where most of us habitually bend forward to address our various tasks, The BackBall Method is a complete breakthrough in self-care. It also relieves an awful lot of backache and stress.
Available only as a downloadable e-Book.

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