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The Wisdom Way - Harmonic Power Part I by Keith Foster FLS

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Your 141 Day Guide to... Looking Younger & Feeling Better!

By following these simple guidelines and pointers to a more healthy and enjoyable life, you will begin to undo many of the stresses imposed by your lifestyle.

As you progress through the next 141 days, you will begin to feel more energised and look progressively younger.  Some of the tips and suggestions may, at first, seem obvious and some even pointless, but please persevere as they are all important and each forms a part of the whole new philosophy which delivers amazing benefits. 

This 141 day programme is designed to change ingrained bad habits and ‘convenient’ lifestyles – using new information to inform your beliefs. It will help you change for the better. The Wisdom Way - Part I of HARMONIC POWER, Keith Foster's life's work.

Available in Paperback and as a downloadable e-book.

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