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Matt & Carmen Miller

All Matt Miller's products are backed by his money back guarantee, which basically means that if you're not happy, and you let us know, you will get a refund. What you have to remember is there is a person behind these products, not just a big chemical corporation like L'Oreal or Johnson & Johnson...he is passionate about his products and passionate about helping people, and he stands by his word, which is why we choose to work with him.

So, please, don't worry about losing money on any of the Matt Miller range. If it works for you when you follow the usage guidelines then we'll all be happy; if it doesn't work for you, then you will get your money back, so you will be happy, because then you can use the money to find something else that does work for you, and no harm will be done (they're all safe, gentle, natural products with no toxins and no side effects!)

I hope you find this reassuring, and more than anything, I hope they work for you in the same way they have worked for many, many people.