Harmonic Power Parts II - VI by Keith Foster, FLS

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This book deals with a free source of energy which has been lost to us for tens of thousands of years.

The use of this energy, and the manipulation of their environment to facilitate its use, was the main priority of the great civilization which existed on earth prior to the Flood.

All of the megalithic structures around the world were originally constructed to direct, concentrate and utilise this energy. They still do so to a greater or lesser extent to this day.

The effect of this energy on living structures/beings is profound and, properly used, can confer great benefits; not least of which are greater longevity and sexual energy.

Knowledge of how to use or tap into this energy is once again available to us, thanks to a discovery I made 30 years ago. I explain how this can be put to use in this book and go further in detailing the techniques required to do so on the Course.

This knowledge will transform the way you see the world. It will improve your life immeasurably and will enrich your experience with a clearer understanding of the purpose of your life.

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To learn more about the author, go to www.keithfoster.co.uk

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