Are you Allergic to the Sun?

Are you Allergic to the Sun?

According to the NHS, 10-15% of the UK's population suffers from a condition called Polymorphic Light Eruption, or PMLE. Also referred to as sun allergy, sun poisoning, prurigo aestivalis, summer eruption/prurigo, or eczema solare. A rash-like skin condition of raised bumps is triggered when UV hits the skin, in extreme cases resulting in incredibly painful blisters. Women tend to be more prone to PMLE than men, and it occurs in people between the ages of 20 - 40, but children can also be affected. This can cause misery during the warmer spring and summer months for many, but extreme cases can be affected throughout the year, with the only recourse being wearing head to toe coverings and sunglasses when going outside, and even being susceptible indoors.

One of our customers has not only a severe case of PMLE, but is also allergic to all sunscreens - that is until last year, when she found the one sunscreen she can use - and it's also the only thing she's been able to use that has protected her from a PMLE outbreak.

Listen to my conversation with Jo on our first ever Podcast episode, 01. Allergy to the Sun to learn not only what her life was like before she discovered Shade, but how she claims it's literally changed her life since. 


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