Are you Allergic to the Sun?

Are you Allergic to the Sun?

Managing PMLE with Shade All-Natural Sunscreen: A Customer's Story

At Not the Norm, we're always on the lookout for skincare solutions that make a real difference. Today, we want to shine a light on a topic that's close to our hearts and that may affect many of our customers: Polymorphic light eruption (PMLE), also known as sun poisoning or sun allergy.

What is PMLE?

PMLE is a skin rash that can pop up after spending time in the sun or under artificial UV light. It's tricky because it can show up in various forms, like small red bumps, patches, or blisters. Imagine looking forward to a sunny day out, only to be met with an itchy and uncomfortable rash a few hours later. Not fun, right?

Meet Jo: A Not the Norm Customer

Jo has been dealing with PMLE for years, and like many of us, she struggled to find the right sunscreen that wouldn't make her symptoms worse. Most SPF products left her with a rash or intensified her PMLE flare-ups. That is until she discovered Shade All-Natural Sunscreen.

"I'm allergic to every single sun lotion. I've tested them all, but we can never pinpoint the thing I'm allergic to. My allergy is so bad that I can't wear makeup, lip balm, face cream if it contains an SPF.

I have an allergy to UVB. It causes a small, very painful blister type rash when I go out without covering up. This is the first sunscreen that I've been able to  use, and you have no idea how happy I am to have some defence against the sun. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are wonderful!"

- Jo, Not the Norm customer.

Why Shade All-Natural Sunscreen?

Shade All-Natural Sunscreen is made with carefully selected natural ingredients, making it suitable for sensitive skin like Jo's. It provides broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays without the harsh chemicals found in many conventional sunscreens. Plus, it's naturally water-resistant due to the high content of oils and wax, as well as zinc oxide not being water soluble, and great for daily use, making it a must-have for anyone dealing with PMLE or sensitive skin issues.

Managing PMLE with Shade All-Natural Sunscreen

If you're dealing with PMLE, here are some tips to help manage your symptoms:

  1. Limit Sun Exposure: Try to avoid the sun during peak hours (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and seek shade whenever possible.

  2. Use Shade All-Natural Sunscreen: Apply generously and reapply every 2 hours or after swimming or sweating to ensure maximum protection.

  3. Wear Protective Clothing: Opt for wide-brimmed hats, long-sleeved shirts, and sunglasses to shield your skin and eyes from UV radiation.

  4. Consult a Dermatologist: If you suspect you have PMLE or experience severe symptoms, it's crucial to consult with a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

In Conclusion

Dealing with PMLE can be challenging, but finding the right skincare products can make all the difference. We're thrilled to hear that Shade All-Natural Sunscreen has been a lifesaver for Jo and many others dealing with PMLE. If you're looking for a sunscreen that's gentle on sensitive skin and provides effective protection against the sun, give Shade All-Natural Sunscreen a try!

Remember, at Not the Norm, we're here to help you find skincare solutions that work for you. If you would like to listen to my interview with Jo, please go ahead and listen to the podcast on Spotify below. 



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