Why detox?

Charcoal is historically documented to be a useful digestive aid for reducing toxin intake. Detoxification is a continuous biological process that prevents toxins - from infectious agents, food, drink and environmental pollutants - from damaging our health. Chronic exposure to toxins is widely recognised to result in cellular damage, a diverse range of diseases, allergic reactions, intolerances, compromised immune systems and premature ageing.

Activated charcoal in emergency

Activated charcoal is the go-to treatment in emergency rooms after a suspected overdose or poisoning. Activated charcoal is effective in these circumstances due to its ultra-porous, ‘superadsorbent’ characteristics. Activated charcoal should only be used for short periods of time as it indiscriminately strips the body of damaging toxins as well as valuable nutrients and antioxidants provided by our food and drink.

Non-activated for a daily detox

Our non-activated charcoal consists of a pure, naturally-produced charcoal made from sustainable hardwood sources. Mammals, including humans, have evolved with and eaten natural charcoal as an aid to good digestion over many thousands of years. Activated charcoal is a modern invention with very different properties. Our non-activated charcoal is produced in a traditional way and has not been subject to any additional chemical processes or extreme temperatures, rendering it suitable for daily, long term use. It contains no fillers, binders or additives whatsoever, to eliminate the slightest possibility of inhibiting its beneficial effects.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the optimum times for taking Non-Activated Hardwood Charcoal?

The guide is really just at bedtime, as the body is relaxed and so the digestive system can process the charcoal more efficiently, particularly if your most recent meal has been digested. An empty stomach allows the charcoal to move through the system unhindered, and allows the charcoal to draw the toxins out of the body. Some people however like to take Pure, Non-Activated Hardwood Charcoal with a biscuit.
Everybody is different, but most people notice benefits within a few days of taking Non-Activated Hardwood Charcoal. As the benefits are so wide-ranging, many people like to continue taking Non-Activated Hardwood Charcoal as a prophylactic, and as part of a healthy diet, and to support their immune system with regular doses of Non-Activated Hardwood Charcoal, even if the initial reason for taking the charcoal has resolved.
As with many natural approaches to healthcare, a healing reaction (or Herxheimer reaction) can sometimes occur, whereby existing symptoms can seem worse before they start to improve. Although in some cases this can seem difficult or embarrassing to deal with, it is a good sign that the charcoal is working, and many people soon find improvement, and symptoms eradicate. If you find you are experiencing any adverse symptoms from taking Non-Activated Hardwood Charcoal, please let us know.
Non-Activated Hardwood Charcoal is safe to take during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. Unlike 'activated' charcoal, Non-Activated Hardwood Charcoal does not absorb good things essential to mother and baby such as proteins, minerals and vitamins, it only adsorbs the toxins, which may be why many women crave charcoal during pregnancy - as with animals in the wild these women instinctively know they need to clean up their systems to be optimally healthy for growing a new baby.

Detox daily

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