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    How great would it be if we all followed the three laws of humanity? To cause no harm, loss or injury...

    There would be no chemicals in our personal care products, no toxins in our food, Big Pharma would be actually finding cures and not just drugs to manage symptoms and keep you supporting their profits for the rest of your life...we'd all be vegan!

    Well here at Not the Norm, we try our best to live that way - it helps make for a happy office, happy suppliers, and happy customers!

    Our products can help make a real difference to your life, whether they help you breathe again, detox or regain your confidence.

    Not only that, but you can be sure that all of our products are 100% safe, natural and effective, and we will give you as much support as you need, before, during and after your journey with us.

    We work with small, independent businesses

    We won’t sell out to big corporations.

    Just ask me what happened when Boots wanted to launch Stophair™ in 2003!

    Instead, we work with smaller businesses - such as NHC Ltd who make Yamoa™, which is made by the late Jerry Yamoa’s family on their land in Ghana; or Keith Foster – the retired scientist, polymath and author behind Toxin Buster™ Arthromend™ and our range of books.

    We also stock products in the Matt Miller™ range, featuring the Stophair™ formula – discovered by family man Matthew Miller while studying for his PhD in Analytical Chemistry.

    Not only can all the herbs, supplements and skincare products you see on Not the Norm help change your life, they often have a story too.