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      • How and why Cellulite forms - and what to do about it.

        The human body functions properly when it’s slightly alkaline because a slightly alkaline body's blood can absorb more oxygen, a good supply of which is vital to the cells in producing energy. Alkalinity is expressed in the term pH, a reference to the measure of dissolved hydrogen present. The human...

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      • The 7 Sneaky Health Scams that Could Kill You

        THE SHOCKING TRUTH BEHIND TODAY'S ACCEPTED HEALTH PRACTICES The use of prescription drugs is the fourth leading cause of death. The real reason you get stressed and how to avoid it forever. Why fruit and vegetables aren't the answer to living longer. What doctors know about drugs but aren't telling...

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      • Announcing Yamoa™ Samples!

        These samples are designed to reassure you that Yamoa™:• doesn't have any side effects• won't interact with the orthodox medications or other supplements or herbals you are currently taking You will know for sure after a week whether you want to try Yamoa™ for the full two month course. Although...

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      • Charcoal: An Ancient Remedy

        A Spark in the DarkOn the face of it there is nothing reassuring about wildfires. As I write this, they are devastating the lands of Indonesia, destroying forests and countless species of wild animals, as well as driving people from their homes. Yet they leave behind an incredible substance renowned...

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      • Carbon Life Forms

        As it's November 5th, bonfire night here in the UK, I thought it would be appropriate to post about our phenomenally effective carbon detox and gut conditioning product, Toxin Buster™! While you're transfixed by the dancing flames of your various bonfires tonight, perhaps you should ponder these facts about our...

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