Chinese Medicine for Childhood Anxiety and Depression: A Practical Guide for Practitioners and Parents

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Chinese Medicine for Childhood Anxiety and Depression shows how a child’s mental-emotional health is intrinsically connected with core elements of their everyday life.  It suggests an approach to preventing and healing anxiety and depression that involves neither medication nor financial investment. 

‘Anxiety’ and ‘depression’ are labels used to describe an enormously wide range of feeling states.  This book looks behinds the labels.  It shows parents how to understand their child’s unique nature using the Five Element system and how each child will need a different lifestyle in order to thrive.

The book examines different pillars of mental-emotional health, such as connections, family life, emotions and diet, through a Chinese medicine lens, and is full of practical tips.  It shows us that, despite ever more depressing statistics about childhood mental health, the power to make things better for children is often in our hands, and that the solutions are often far simpler than we are lead to believe. 

If you are local to the Oxford area, and you would like your child to receive acupuncture treatment, Rebecca runs a low-cost community clinic for kids in Botley. No child should be denied access to effective treatments regardless of their parents' income.

Rebecca is a neighbour of ours, I have known her since she treated my 5yr old daughter for a persistent cough with enlarged tonsils. It only took two or three acupuncture treatments and Robyn was back to normal again. I can testify to Rebecca's knowledge and ability to treat children, and I know if you are a parent struggling with children deeply affected by recent events, you will find this book an invaluable resource.

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