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Tese beautiful, durable, practical and hygienic reusable drinks bottles are made from the highest quality 18/8 304 stainless steel.

"So what's so special about these bottles?", I hear you ask. Well, for a start...

  • they're available in a range of sizes, colours and finishes to appeal to all walks of life;
  • you can have single wall or thermal for keeping hot drinks hot or cold drinks cold;
  • you can purchase additional lids separately to adapt your bottle easily to your demands;
  • they even have wide mouths to allow for effective cleaning and adding ice to your drinks
  • you can purchase practical and funky neoprene Kooler™ covers with belt loops and removable shoulder straps for your single wall bottles for easy carrying
  • ECOtanka will replace any lid parts (seals etc) you lose or damage so you never have to throw away a lid or an entire bottle!
  • The packaging for all ECOtanka products is 100% Plastic-FREE and environmentally-friendly. To learn more about ECOtanka packaging, please click here;
  • any inks used on packaging are eco-friendly inks

So now you can see how brilliantly adaptable, sustainable and ethical these bottles are, you can see why we love them and want to share the ECOtanka love with you!

350ml teenyTANKA bottles are designed for babies, kids or for adults who want a bottle which will fit into a small bag or handbag. It holds 350ml (one large glass) and is ultra light and compact.

600ml miniTANKA bottles are perfect for primary school children, being a little more compact than a regular size drink bottle. They hold a volume of 600mls (two large glasses), are ultra light and fairly compact. These are available from us in stainless steel, blue (gloss) and pink (gloss) finishes.

800ml sportsTANKA bottles are the most popular of the ECOtanka range. They can hold 800mls of drink (three regular sized glasses) and fits most standard bottle holders, measuring approximately 236mm from the bottom to the top of the stainless steel area. These are available from us in Stainless Steel, Retro Green (matt), Purple (gloss) and Antracite (matt) finishes.

thermoTANKA 600ml & 800ml Double Wall Vacuum Bottle

The thermoTANKA 600ml bottle is a tall slim design measuring approximately 228mm from the bottom to the top of the bottle only. This bottle is perfect for primary school children, or adults who want a bottle that will hold a volume of 600mls (two large glasses), keeping your drink cold or hot for a few hours.   

The thermoTANKA 800ml bottle is a slightly wider design measuring approximately 238mm from the bottom to the top of the bottle only. This bottle is perfect for an everyday drink bottle providing a volume of 800mls (three regular sized glasses), keeping your drink cold or hot longer.  

The vacuum properties of the thermoTANKA can keep your drink hot for 8+ hours and cold for 8+ hours depending on the lid type.
NOTE: temperatures may vary due to lid types, outside conditions and the number of times you remove the lid.

​​​​​​​thermoTANKA fits all of the standard ECOtanka lids that we sell on this website.

Additional Lids & Kooler Covers are also available on this website here:


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