Why we eat burnt wood

Why we eat burnt wood

Natural charcoal has many beneficial properties not least of which is its capability to adsorb over 4,000 different toxins and remove these from the body.

Natural charcoal is made by baking wood in a process which drives off all of the oxygen and most of the nutrients contained in the sap. Once burnt and in its almost pure carbon form, natural charcoal is very oxygen hungry and re-adsorbs huge amounts of oxygen once exposed again to the air.

There are hundreds of reasons why eating charcoal (or swallowing the capsules) is so good for you, here are just a few:

1. Charcoal is made up of a vast number of pores and crevices, so much so that a 1cm cube would fold out to cover a tennis court! This makes it highly adsorbent and means that it can bind a wide range of toxic substances within its structure removing them from living systems. This binding capability is brought about by van de Waal forces (electro-magnetic forces on the surface of the charcoal) and in producing our Pure, Non-Activated Hardwood Charcoal, we have developed a method of enhancing these forces. This method is rather akin to potentising developed by Hahnemann in his explorations of homeopathy and it renders our charcoal significantly more adsorbtive than other natural charcoals on the market.

2. At this juncture it is worth mentioning that this is nothing like the method used to produce activated charcoal which is usually made up of coconut shells cooked at extremely high temperatures and then acid washed to produce a very strong filter material. In our opinion this activated charcoal should not be used in mammalian systems over a longish period since it is thought to compete with nutrients at the cell wall.

3. Made from very high quality hardwood (as opposed to coconut shells) our charcoal is made from one of the hardest woods available in the world.

In fact, the wood that we use to produce our potentised natural charcoal comes from an absolutely pristine source that has never come into contact with any man-made chemicals. The source we use is of paramount importance since the wood comes from a renewable crop of substantial density with very deep roots. The importance of the deep roots is that these draw up into the bio-mass a number of trace elements which are vital to mammalian health. These infinitesimally small quantities of essential mineral supplements remain in our charcoal after it has been processed and give to our charcoal an added "kicker" which makes it unique.

As you probably know, much of the world's surface has been over-farmed and had NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potash (Potassium)) chemicals added to it over a long period to enable frequent cropping. This frequent cropping has leached many of the trace elements, required for full good health, from the soil and this is something which the use of our unique charcoal helps replace.

Defined by the EC as a feed additive, natural charcoal has of itself no medicinal properties. It does not facilitate any chemical reaction, nor does it take part in any chemical reaction. As a consequence of this, the EC has ruled that our charcoal is a feed additive and as such is highly recommended in situations where a build up of toxins has taken place.

Hardwood charcoal, because it is denser than softwood charcoal, is capable of adsorbing more oxygen. This gives it a marginally higher pH than the softwood charcoal and in highly acidic situations this function is extremely valuable. A great many unfortunate and often ill-defined conditions which are presently treated by pharmaceuticals can respond to a rebalancing of the pH of the system since most of these conditions are at base brought about by over-acidification.

Natural potentised charcoal has been used for thousands of years by our species as an antidote to poison and as a method of calming and improving digestion. Increasingly used in a wide variety of products, our charcoal is the best and safest method/substance you can use to help maintain good health.

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