Toxin Buster™ for Animals

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  • Toxin Buster™ for Animals
  • Toxin Buster™ for Animals

Toxin Buster™ Charcoal is a potentised granular charcoal that is listed as a feed material by the Food Standards Agency. Our scientific team developed this superb product to help remove toxins from an animal's system naturally.

Toxin Buster™ is simply a 'Feed Supplement' that has helped with digestive and dietary issues pets and livestock.

Made from only 100% natural hardwood charcoal, Toxin Buster™ adsorbs toxins and intestinal gases and carries them away, preventing them from causing harm to your animal.

  • An Aid To Normal Digestion
  • Toxin Elimination
  • Reduction Of Gas & Bloating
  • Suitable For Horses, Dogs, Cats, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs & Poultry

Charcoal is very beneficial to performance horses, helping to keep them in peak condition. It is used by top riders and trainers.

Perfect for Fido's Gut Issues!

Charcoal is naturally active and adsorbent and has a long history of use as a filter, as an adsorbent, and as an antidote to poisons. Historical records of its use in these areas and others go far back into history as early as 1500 BC in Egypt.

Hippocrates, circa 400 BC and then Pliny, AD 50 recorded the use of charcoal in a wide range of applications, and the principal use appears to have been to adsorb unpleasant odours, and gas/smells from within the intestinal tract. Toxin Buster™ charcoal is made from hardwoods (sustainably sourced) and is naturally ‘active’ and adsorbent. It is not ‘activated’ and is the type of charcoal we and other mammals have evolved with over the years. Its long legacy and history of safe and benign use is testament to its great sucess as a digestive aid.

Toxin Buster™ charcoal does not take out vitamins and minerals from the system. References which allude to this concern are from the regular use of 'activated' charcoal, which has 'superadsorbent' properties. In fact, experience has shown that because it re-balances the system, Toxin Buster™ actually facilitates the uptake of nutrients.
Toxin Buster™ Charcoal is suitable for use with any creature.

BHRA & FEI Compliant.

NOTE: This type of naturally produced charcoal is an approved feed material, unlike activated or medicinal/industrial charcoal which has not been approved as a  feed material.

There is a 2 - 4 day delivery time on this product, due to its size we do not stock it in-house in high volumes.

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