The dangers of man-made vitamins and minerals

The dangers of man-made vitamins and minerals

I just received an email from a Pet Plus user who has also been adding two different brands of man-made multi vitamin and mineral supplements to the raw food and Pet Plus she is feeding. The result is a dangerously high vitamin D level, among other things.

This highlights the dangers of using man-made isolated vitamins and minerals. She was using 2 theoretically well balanced, multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplements, created by well qualified nutritionists who don’t understand the importance of using natural whole foods!

Mother Nature’s Perfect Balance

You simply cannot beat Mother Nature’s Wisdom.

That’s why we use whole foods such as wheat grass, barley grass and alfalfa in their entirety in Pet Plus, respecting the Laws of Nature. All the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other really important micronutrients are in perfect harmony, maximizing their synergistic interactions giving optimal benefit to the body. There can be no dangerous accumulations of any individual ingredient because they are all combined in the whole natural plant in perfect balance, containing their natural enzymes and vitality.

Man-made vitamins

Isolated vitamins are a very different, potentially toxic story.

They are very difficult for the body to use and often impossible to excrete, thus accumulating to dangerously high levels. This is because they are made in a laboratory which attempts to mimic the natural vitamins by recreating the outer shell of the vitamins. Unfortunately, they are are unable to create the inner active part of the vitamin containing the all-important enzymes and live, vital energy.

There are photographic techniques available now which show the glowing energy field surrounding everything living. Nature’s vitamins display multicoloured energy fields whereas the man-made vitamins are simply a black dot, with none of this energy. They are inert and have to be linked to enzymes by the body once ingested. This is a very costly exercise as enzyme creation needs a lot of energy.

How does the body deal with man-made vitamins?

There are basically 2 types of vitamin: water soluble and fat soluble. The body processes them differently.

Man-made water soluble vitamins like vitamin C can be flushed out in the urine, preventing a cumulative toxic build up but creating very expensive, vitamin C enriched urine. The process of removing this unwanted chemical causes the liver, kidneys and numerous other body systems an unnecessary amount of work. What a waste of energy, body resources and money too!

Man-made ‘vitamin C’ is erroneously thought to be ascorbic acid. This is simply the outer shell of natural vitamin C and completely lacks the life force, the enzymes, the energy of natural vitamin C.

Back in the 1990’s, a colleague of mine ran some trials to determine whether humans needed vitamin C (ascorbic acid) supplementation by measuring how much vitamin C was excreted in the urine of the supplemented group compared with the control group who received a placebo. When she pronounced that virtually all the ascorbic acid (man-made vitamin C) given to the trial participants was excreted in their urine, she concluded that humans don’t need vitamin C supplementation. She was horrified when I suggested that maybe it was because it was impossible for the body to absorb, process and utilize the man-made vitamin C, so it was therefore excreted as a waste product, she was horrified! This thought hadn’t even entered her head! It totally invalidated her published results.

Man-made fat soluble vitamins like vitamin D are virtually impossible for the body to excrete. This particular 11 year old Shi Tsu’s man-made vitamin D levels (25-hydroxyvitamin D) have accumulated to 650 nmol/litre! That’s shocking!!! Normal levels are between 60 and 215 nmol/litre. And this is as a result of being fed man-made multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplements. If only she had stuck to the raw food and Pet Plus on their own, her dearly beloved pet wouldn’t be in this potentially dangerous situation.


The lesson to be learned from this terrible situation is to absolutely avoid man-made vitamins, minerals and nutrients of any description. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a mixture of these man-made isolated vitamins and minerals, known as a multi-vitamins and multi-minerals, is balanced in the way that Nature balances the micronutrients or that they are of any benefit to the body at all. Stick to nature every time!

About Susanna

Susanna McIntyre is an experienced holistic veterinary surgeon who has developed Pet Plus to promote health in cats and dogs. She also has expert knowledge in small animal dentistry, running a Veterinary Dental Referral Service in South Wales.

As a vet in practice, she spent most of her time treating chronic degenerative diseases and allergies. It wasn’t until her mother developed terminal cancer that she discovered how unnecessary all the suffering is. As Hippocrates said, 'Let food be your medicine'. We really can address many of our ailments through food.

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