Nature’s Safest, Most Effective Daily Detox?

Nature’s Safest, Most Effective Daily Detox?

Did you know that charcoal is nature’s own ‘natural toxin buster’? In fact, it is probably one of nature’s safest, most effective daily detox regimes.

We brush our teeth and wash daily, but we rarely ‘do a detox’, generally only resorting to such measures if we have a health wake-up call like a skin problem, bowel disorder, allergy or something more serious like cancer.


Probably because it doesn’t seem easy to do as invariably it involves lifestyle changes, making copious amounts of green juices, not being able to eat what your kids are eating, or expensive trips to spas or health farm or… colonics! Well all that is changing now.

Charcoal has been routinely prescribed by doctors for people with bowel disorders, wind, bloating and diarrhoea before patented medicines became available for these issues and It continues to be used in emergency rooms for drug overdoses and poisonings because of its powerful ability to remove toxins from the digestive tract quickly and reliably.

Domestic and industrial Water purification systems use charcoal to remove toxins and heavy metals, and people are now understanding that natural charcoal has an innate ability to remove toxins from the body, gently and effectively without side effects.

Naturally produced charcoal safely yet effectively removes up to 4,000 known toxins from the body, by selectively adsorbing and removing toxins in its cage-like molecules, cleverly leaving behind the useful and nutritious things we want to retain such as vitamins, minerals and good gut bacteria.

Medicinal or activated charcoal on the other hand is a superadsorbent, can remove the things we want to retain as well if used for longer than prescribed, threatening conditions such as anaemia through low iron reserves, for example.

A few capsules of hardwood charcoal at bedtime with water can help to minimise the amount of toxins our bodies store from our food, water, skin and environment.

Pure, Non-Activated Hardwood Charcoal also helps us with digestive conditions such as IBS, it calms and conditions the gut, settles tummy upsets, removes gas, bloating and wind pain, reduces bowel irritation and headaches, reduces acidity and acid reflux, helps arthritis and reduces aches and pains, as well as freshening breath and improving the complexion. 

Our charcoal is made from the carbon that we ourselves are made of which is why it works so well with our bodies to clean us up and make us healthier. In fact, studies have shown that mammals who consume charcoal live up to and average of 43% longer than mammals who don’t consume charcoal.

Pure, Non-Activated Hardwood Charcoal is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and so innately good for you even the Red Colobus monkeys in Zanzibar know how good it is – they steal it from charcoal burners’ baskets to eat as an antidote to the poisons in the leaves they love to eat!


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