Can toxins in your diet impair your immune system?

Can toxins in your diet impair your immune system?

Research has indicated that environmental toxins concentrate in greater levels as they move up the food chain, being found in greater quantities in animal-based food products.

These toxins have then been found to affect the efficacy of the immune system of generations of mice, leading to a greater susceptibility to infectious viruses, such as influenza, and I would imagine, although this research was published in October last year, corona viruses.

“The old adage ‘you are what you eat’ is a touchstone for many aspects of human health,” said Paige Lawrence PhD, “But in terms of the body’s ability to fights off infections, this study suggests that, to a certain extent, you may also be what your great-grandmother ate.”

"In the study, researchers exposed pregnant mice to environmentally relevant levels of a chemical called dioxin, which, like polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), is a common by-product of industrial production and waste incineration, and is also found in some consumer products. These chemicals find their way into the food system where they are eventually consumed by humans. Dioxins and PCBs bio-accumulate as they move up the food chain and are found in greater concentrations in animal-based food products.

The scientists observed the production and function of cytotoxic T cells -- white blood cells that defend the body against foreign pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria, and seek out and destroy cells with mutations that could lead to cancer -- was impaired when the mice were infected with influenza A virus. This weakened immune response was observed not only in the offspring of the mice whose mothers where exposed to dioxin, but in the subsequent generations, including as far out as the rodent equivalent of great-grandchildren. The researchers also found that this effect was more pronounced in female mice."

It's well acknowledged that the quality of the food we consume has an impact on our health. The daily incremental consumption of toxins in our modern diet accumulates to levels our immune systems struggle to manage. Although a system of mastery and genius, created by natural biology over millennia, our immune system is designed to cope with toxins and eliminating these is what our lymph, liver and kidneys are for - but the actual weakening of our immune systems? I'm not sure we'd bargained for that, certainly not for our grandchildren or our great grandchildren based on what we are consuming day to day now.

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