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If your customer is buying an ECOtanka bottle, why not encourage them to choose an additional lid or two to make it more adaptable to different occasions? Also, they can protect it's beautiful finish with a neoprene Kooler™ cover, which will also help to keep warm drinks warm and cold drinks cold and make it more handy to carry around if they don't want to lug a bag around with them all day.
  • additional lids can be purchase separately to adapt bottles easily as occasion demands;
  • practical and funky neoprene Kooler™ covers have removable shoulder straps and name plates for single wall bottles for easy carrying
  • ECOtanka will replace any lid parts (seals etc) lost or damaged so a lid or an entire bottle never needs to be thrown away!
  • The packaging for all ECOtanka™ products is 100% Plastic-FREE and environmentally-friendly. To learn more about ECOtanka™ packaging, please click here;
  • any inks used on packaging are eco-friendly inks

Additional Lids

All the lid styles we sell fit our teeny, mini and sports TANKAS, making them incredibly adaptable for all purposes from bottle-feeding babies to sports. The adapter, sports, variable flow and poly loop lids are made from PP#5 plastic which is considered to be one of the safest plastics for food. These lids are BPA FREE,  also BPS & BPF FREE (the industry removed BPA from polycarbonate plastics and changed to BPS or BPF which is in fact just as bad as BPA!)

The Adaptor Lid...

is best suited for the teeny (350ml) or miniTANKA (600ml) bottles for kids. The Adaptor is only a two-piece lid that can fit a number of teat products on the market. We don't supply the teat with this lid.

The Variable Flow Lid...

was designed to allow a good flow of liquid fast, which was similar to a soda bottle. Also, the thread size is made to a common market size so other products can connect to this lid to turn the bottle into a multi-functional bottle. The lid is simple to fit and if fitted correctly it will not leak. The cap keeps the drinking surface clean and safe. Replaceable cap and seal parts turn the lid into a new lid saving money and avoiding environmental waste. Easy clean, no small areas or moving parts. All parts are replaceable and all raw materials are from Germany and Japan or Singapore.

The Sports Lid...

is best suited for the single wall bottles because the dust cover does not fit the thermoTANKA bottles. The sports lid was designed to be leak-proof and more environmentally-friendly compared to many other lids on the market. 3 sealing points, which makes it much harder for your lid to leak. Dust cover keeps the  drinking area clean and safe. Replaceable sipper parts turn the lid into a new lid saving money and avoiding environmental waste. The main body is made with a special type of plastic that is 20x stronger than standard plastic. All parts are replaceable and raw materials are high-quality materials from Germany, USA, Japan or Singapore.

The Poly Loop Lid...

was designed to have a simpler look with a range of different features. This lid fits the bottle for simple seal and carrying purpose. Enables drinking directly from the bottle or pouring liquid into a cup. The lid is simple to fit and it will not leak once fitted correctly. The lid is totally enclosed and insulation is added to the inside. The hole in the lid allows holding of the bottle and lid with one finger. The carabiner allows attachment to your stuff to your bottle or your bottle to your stuff. Easy clean, no small areas or moving parts. All parts are replaceable.

The Steel & Bamboo Lid...

was designed to be leak-proof and have the look of a more eco-friendly lid compared to many other plastic lids on the market. One-piece stainless steel mould. Sustainably sourced bamboo top to give a more natural look. Solid stainless steel handle. Due to the holes in the side of the lid, it is strongly recommended not to submerge the lid under water or put in the dishwasher.  To keep the bamboo looking new and extend the life of your lid, please treat the bamboo with mineral oil or a mixture of beeswax and mineral oil regularly.

The Steel Screw Lid...

is a fully stainless steel lid made from 304 stainless steel with a solid stainless steel handle. This lid is BPA FREE, it is also BPS & BPF FREE. The stainless steel lid was designed to be leak-proof and to give that pure clean stainless steel look that matches the bottles. This lid's special feature is that the main body is a one-piece-press with a stainless steel top welded on, which gives the lid a "heavy" feeling. This lid sitting on top of the bottle gives the bottle and lid a unique look. One-piece lid design with a welded top. 100% stainless steel lid to give a more modern and clean look. Solid stainless steel handle.

Kooler™ Covers are insulating covers that keep your bottle cool for much longer on those hot summer days. They are made from neoprene (wetsuit) material, are durable and soft, giving extra grip, colour and protection for your bottle along with a handy adjustable carry strap. On the back, we have added a special carry handle and printed space for you to put your mark on the cover for your ownership.

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